Tuesday, June 13, 2006

No substitutes for brilliance - except perhaps Cahill, Aloisi and Kennedy

There is no need to give the blow by blow account. We all watched it, or have no doubt heard about it. Australia defeated Japan 3 - 1, making it our first World Cup finals win ever! After playing 84 minutes goaless and one goal down, some extroadinary substitutions brought about three goals in the last eight minutes to clinch us the win - and what a win!

Having arrived home an hour before the match, completing a hectic whirlwind road trip to Melbourne, I was content to watch the match in the comfort of my lounge room. I must say though, when Cahill put his second goal in off the left side post, I was up on my feet looking for strangers to hug. Being on my own, I instead opted for the standard jump out of the seat, scream and pump the air with my fist, before somewhat awkwardly resuming my seat, realising there was no one but a very scared looking cat to appreciate the moment with (Aff, in a bout of un-Australian-ness, decided to go to bed claiming some sort of"I have an exam tomorrow" excuse.

Needless to say, the Brazillian match will be a cracker!


Blogger russ said...

I was at the Keepers Arms. There was some... random hugging... a little dancing... and maybe a chant. The national anthem was very well sung too, before the game.

Cats are like that. It is, perhaps, the one thing that I'll grant to a dog: they get plenty excited about sport, they don't know why, but they do. Cats are too cool to get excited about anything, although picking them up and tossing them in the air to rouse them from their indifferent slumber produces an effect, of sorts.

The soccer: not convinced by the tactics, or maybe just Wilkshire and Emerton. Midfield was lazy again, letting them run at us. We looked better than England; pity our next round opponent will be the very impressive Italian or Czech teams, and not the poms.

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