Monday, June 05, 2006

the new look

So, as you may have noticed, things look a little different around here. This is thanks mainly to me being home sick last Friday, and in need of something creative to pass the time (day time TV just isn't the same without Bert ... or Moyra!). In reality, all I have done is replaced the top bit with a gratuitously large picture of me. However, I am aware that the great unwashed (i.e those using M$ Internet Explorer) may also be experiencing other weird things, like my profile on the right side bar being placed all the way down the bottom of the page, rather than up top where it's meant to be. Not sure why that is, but I am sure it's my fault (despite IE being the only browser that appears to have this problem). If you are seeing weird things (not including the gratuitously large picture of me!) then please let me know by posting a comment (and don't forget to tell me what browser you are viewing this in). That way I'll know how big a problem it is.


Blogger russ said...

Your padding is too large on your main bit. It makes the width (sidebar (254) + main (460) + padding (20+20+2+2)) larger than the container (744px) which makes ie panic and put a linebreak in. Stupid, but common.

6/05/2006 06:24:00 PM

Blogger macca said...

thanks Russ.

Hopefully things are ok now.

6/05/2006 06:36:00 PM


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