Monday, June 19, 2006

No random hugging - but a hell of a good time anyway

We lost to Brazil 2-0! Oh well. It's funny how pre-game hype can transform your perceptions of Australia's chances. The Sunday papers, the SBS experts, even last night's God awful "live from Munich" footy show special (at least it gave all the Aussie bogans a place to hang out before the match) had me believing it was our destiny to win - and on a different day, we might have. It is, however, somewhat telling that while most experts are saying we played very well, and Brazil were not at their best - they still won the match.

Unlike the Japan game, I managed to find people to watch this one with. Quite simply, there was no way I was going to risk being alone for a possible Australian victory over the world champions. Along with friends Tim, Lee-Fay and Andy, I headed to the Lyneham indoor sports centre bar, where cheap beer and a big screen was promised. We arrived in time to watch the 0-0 draw between Japan and Croatia, which was a suitably encouraging warm-up to the Brazil-Australia clash. When we first arrived, it was pretty much just us and a few others scattered around. By 1pm however, numbers had swelled from about 10 to something around 150-200. There was certainly plenty of atmosphere in the bar, and with near perfect seats at the front, and extended happy hour prices, I was very content when the game finally got under way.

As I am sure most are aware, the game was full of emotion and drama. The first half was very encouraging. At least that's what me and two random blokes agreed during a brief half-time analysis of the game in the men's toilets. Of course, this good vibe was soon lost when Brazil kicked their first goal early in the second half. This did quieten things in the bar, but only briefly. When it became clear the Aussies were on all out attack, the many shots at goal brought all of us back to the edge of our seats. It was both euphoric and agonosing to watch - and exhausting.

Adding to the occasion for me were frequent SMS communications with Tez and Tim in Munich, who were actually at the game. Unfortunately Terry declined to provide a nudy run across the pitch for all his fans back home. Instead, hours after tha game, Terry decided a far more appropriate way to mark the occassion was to simply ring friends back home and wake them up. And so it was at 7am this morning (having only got to bed at 4.30am) that my wake-up call came through. From a beer garden in Munich (~10pm), Terry and Tim sang their own adaptation of Peter Allen's "I go to Rio", which they had worked into a socceroos song (apparently this one off performance couldn't wait a few more hours). Of course, I didn't mind being woken up - it was just great to share the occasion with friends across the globe, who were clearly enjoying themselves. In fact, from all reports, socceroos fans are out in force all over Europe, particularly London.

Alas, the game is over, and being now 11:30am, I may consider actually going into uni for a token afternoon visit. You get the feeling that today is one of those days where half the country is still at home, while the other half are just wishing they were. World Cups only happen every four years, and if history has anything to say about things, we may or may not be back again for a very long time - so I think the PhD can handle a few non-productive days (who am I kidding, I know it can!)


Anonymous Robert Merkel said...

Brazil are indeed great finishers when it matters, and if they were playing to their potential would be impossible to stop. However, they were flat-out lucky today.

Kewell and Bresciano both had great opportunities that on another day might have gone in.

Brazil can surely improve, but when you compare them to how Argentina played there is a big gulf in form right now.

6/19/2006 01:05:00 PM

Blogger Dean said...

"You get the feeling that today is one of those days where half the country is still at home, while the other half are just wishing they were."

Yessiree - I was at work & hit the wall around 3pm. Should've taken leave.

6/19/2006 06:14:00 PM

Blogger macca said...

It was very quiet around my building when I finally made it into Uni yesterday - which in truth, is actually pretty normal.

6/20/2006 10:39:00 AM

Anonymous Tez said...

Ah yes, I do apologise for the early wake up call. Though I admit I was clearly elated that you answered.

And you are right, the rendition of "I go to Rio" could not wait any longer. We had only sung it about 2000 times by then. For those less/(more) fortunate not to be woken up by our Samba inspired, stein fuelled it is, sung to the tune of the following actual lyrics:

"When my baby
When my baby smiles at me, I go to Rio

The Socceroos version:

"When Australia
When Australia beats Brazil, we're going to Rio
De Janeiro"....

6/20/2006 11:31:00 PM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Good T, it was a pleasure to be woken for such a performance - I was actually amazed how fresh and awake I was on the phone. I fell asleep again after that, and woke about 3 hours later feeling considerably more tired - very odd.

Has Tim given his Croatian ticket to a charity group like I suggested ?

6/21/2006 12:01:00 PM

Blogger macca said...

in case there was any doubt, the last post was from me

6/21/2006 12:02:00 PM


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