Thursday, December 07, 2006

Seven on the trot

It is somewhat ironic that wedding planning was probably the main reason Aff and I both forgot our seven year anniversary a couple of weeks ago. Yes, seven years and two weeks ago, Aff and I decided our share house living arrangements weren't nearly complicated enough, choosing instead to throw the proverbial hand grenade into the mix by becoming a couple. It was a pretty big decision for two good friends, and housemates, to get together, though I don't remember there being too much parliamentary debate on the issue at the time. And here we are now, seven years and two weeks later.

Neither of us seem particularly phased about missing the date this year. Ordinarily, we use this as our annual excuse to pull out the credit card, and undo a year's worth of saving - always a good way to start the festive season. This year, however, no such pomp and ceremony.

Like I said, we both seem comfortable with this. With all our exciting plans for next year, it's very much a case of "eye on the prize" at the moment. This morning, however, I found myself giving this some extra thought. Is it just me, or does seven years seem an awful lot more than six years ? Seven always seems to hold extra significance for the human mind. We have seven days in a week, seven deadly sins .. ... Seven players in a netball team.... Ok, so maybe there aren't that many examples, but for what ever reason, the jump to seven does seem more significant than that from five to six ?

In any case, I decided this morning that seven years should be marked in some way, and should not simply fall victim to planning for future endeavors. This mentality has a nasty way of becoming habitual, and goes against the most fundamental doctrine I live by - living in the now (with an eye on the future of course).

So Aff, get the good frock on! It's Hungry Jacks on the Lake this weekend baby!


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