Friday, December 01, 2006

About Ruddy time!

Not sure if anyone else noticed it today. The sound of a collective sigh of relief as Labor supporters like myself heard news of Rudd and Gillard's intention to challenge for the party leadership. Quite frankly, this should have happened two years ago. I have always believed that Rudd is Labors best chance at winning the next election, and notwithstanding a big upset next week when the party votes, I will be most relieved to see the best man for the job, finally in the job.

My question, assuming Rudd wins, is what will become of big bad bomber Beazley ? My intuition tells me nothing. What happens to a twice ex-leader of a major party ? Beazley clearly isn't willing to just give up the leadership, hence the need for a vote, so Beazley certainly still has the fire in the belly. Having said this, perhaps it's the sniff of prime ministership that keeps the big guy going. If Beazley loses next week, it won't just be the leadership that he will be waving goodbye to, but one would have to think, any chance of being prime minister, which must be hard to cop after so many years spent aspiring for this very position.

Sorry Kim. Your time was and should have been in 2001 .. but unfortunately it wasn't. The electorate needs new faces to believe in, not old faces carrying all the baggage of the past. Bring on Rudd, and lets get Howard the hell out!


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Agreed, well written. Time for a change and a bit of freshness to challenge that complacent, smart arse reactor to the opinion poles!

I am just going to email my local member and lobby.....

12/01/2006 08:47:00 PM

Blogger russ said...

Well I am crushed, Kimbo was just 74 days from being the second longest opposition leader in Australian history (passing Whitlam, chasing Evatt). If he could just get through to February 2008...

...we may not see his like again for a while.

12/03/2006 07:58:00 PM


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