Thursday, November 01, 2007

Arrivederci Italia! Ci vediamo a presto!

What a week! Sitting here at an "internet point" in Rome, being charged €3 an hour for the priveledge, doesn't really provide the ideal time (or environment) to post a summary of all the events that have taken place. The short story is that Aff and I have successfully managed to extract ourselves from our Genovese life, and are now in Rome with three days left in Italy before we head back to Melbourne. As expected, the days leading up to yesterday's departure were as hectic as ever.

We have sent a shipping container of crap (well, maybe not all crap ... my €5 leaning tower mug from Pisa is pretty precious) back to Oz, and packed the rest of our humble belongings into 5 of the most unsuitable bags for travelling (we ditched the suitcase because it weighs too much). No doubt we are still over the weight limit, but there is not much else we can do.

Certainly, the highlight of the last week in Genova has been the goodbye celebrations with friends we have made here. Saturday night was a pizza dinner, followed by drinks at our favourite bar in Genova, Le Lepre. It really felt a bit like an episode of "This is your life (in Genova)", with so many of the people we have met here in Genova, there to celebrate with us. Needless to say, I had a bit of a biggy (I don't know what was in that last cocktail you bought me Richard, but it was the killer punch!).

Sunday was an understandably quieter day, although Aff and I, along with some friends, did manage to finally get to the soccer to watch Genoa fight bravely against the much stronger Fiorentina (from Tuscany) in Italy's Series A. No goals were scored by either teams, but I am very glad we managed to get to a game before leaving. It truly is an Italian experience worth making time for (photos to come) .... and completely safe by the way !

Finally, on Tuesday night, after a somewhat exhausting day spent saying my goodbyes to people at work, and finalising the hand over of my work, we had one final goodbye drinks session at Le Lepre. I must admit, after rushing home from work to pack, and after Aff's exhasting day of organising the mailing of our belongings home, and the cleaning of our apartment (I think I had the better deal to be honest) , both of us were thinking we may have been a tad ambitious organising one last drinks session. After arriving at Le Lepre however, I instantly felt like it was a very good decision. There is nothing like a few beers (in my case, about 6 pints from memory), to get over the awkward goodbyes, and just let the emotions run free. There was hugging, and kissing (on bith cheaks of course), and at one point a rather unexpected grope (not even sure who from). It was the kind of goodbye that truly made me feel like we have connections in this town, and some friends that we will really want to keep in touch with.

This, in fact, has been a realisation I have had over the last two weeks leading up to our departure. As the day got closer, my keeness to get back to Australia seemed to diminish substantially. Of course, Aff and I are both very much looking forward to getting home and seeing everyone... but with unfinished PhD's, and house hunting awaiting us, it's not exactly an enticing prospect. Once the initial excitement of being home fades (probably sometime after our 2 week whirl wind tour of SE Australia, when we arrive back in Canberra), I expect a significant slump in our moods to occur. There is a lot to miss here (but equally, a lot to gain back in Australia). So yes, I expect we will miss this place a lot, but I equally expect (hope) that as we get settled back in Canberra, life will start to feel normal again. Who knows? ... it's all part of the adventure I guess, and if there is anything I have learnt from my time in Italy, it is to expect nothing, and be ready for anything!

Arrivederci Italia!! Ci vediamo a presto!!

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Blogger Richard said...

Ciao ragazzi,
Again very good writing! Godetevi Roma!
Chris, to be honest I have no idea what was in that last cocktail neither (felt a little biggy myself). I only asked Stefano to make me something strong and nice!!

Anyway, be well and hope the house search goes well. Be well and we will be in touch!
Statemi bene!

11/02/2007 08:41:00 AM

Anonymous mary said...

Don't you know Melbourne is the WORLD'S MOST LIVABLE CITY?! Buggar Genova! It seems to have seduced you. (Apologies to your Gevonese friends - in fact - invite them over and show them around - they might enjoy our leisurely trams and friendly people and - if they care to scratch the surface - they will surely find a lot going on - I can't speak for Canberra)
Thanks for the update, Chris

11/02/2007 04:37:00 PM

Anonymous arwen_h said...

I am so sorry I couldnt come to the pizza dinner, and last week I was not in Morego, so I couldnt say goodbye to you!!

Well.. hope this is another little reason to see you soon again!!!

Hope you and Aff have good time in Rome! Have a nice travel back home..

Anyway we will miss you both! Bye and see you soon (maybe at your place, who knows).


11/10/2007 04:36:00 AM

Blogger macca said...

Ciao Serena!
I am sorry I did not get to say goodbye. The whole last week was so frantic, that I missed saying goodbye to quite a few people. I do hope you can make it down here sometime. You have to visit your Uncle sometime (though from memory, I think you said he was in NZ) :)

I certainly hope to back in Genova again one day. Aff and I both got quite attached to the place.

11/15/2007 10:55:00 AM

Blogger kelly said...

Hi Macca
I am the wife of the 'bogan' singer, Jake Roff, of whom you saw perform at the 2006 celebrations in the park.

Upon skimming through your blog, I noticed a simple site, a vehicle for you to put down others who are putting themselves out there and doing what they love.

If you were familiar with australian sports, sporting hero's and personalities you would have recognised that Jake's lyrics were that of the aussie poet Mr Rupert McCall, Rupert and Jake put the tunes together, when Jake came onto the stage he introduced himself and told the story behind the songs he was going to perform.

As for the 'socceroos song' dig, you obviously misheard the lyric or heard what you wanted to hear 'ie socceroo rhymes with kangaroo', so I guess in your mind that's what he sung.

I don't know Mark personally, but he, Jake and others were out there doing a job, and to have someone like you sit back, on your tree, throw out negative vibes then ride home and type your negativity into a computer makes me feel sorry for you.

Why don't you just get out there next time and enjoy the diverse range of folks in our community and what they have to offer.

Perhaps next time you sit here, at your computer, wishing to deposit all that negativity into cyberspace, try spreading a little positivity, you might start to feel a bit better about yourself

11/16/2007 01:36:00 PM

Blogger macca said...

Hi Kelly,
thanks for the comment. I am sorry that you have found offence in my comments, particularly regarding the celebration in the park event. I do think, however, that you are being a tad harsh and reactive about opinions I chose to express, based on my experience, and my personal tastes. This blog is not, as you describe it, a vehicle for me to put down people, and "throw out negative vibes". You will note that in that same post, I also praise other aspects of the show, and in fact, rate it as one of best days in Canberra. The fact is, I didn't really like Jake's set. That's my personal opinion. I do admit that I was probably a bit harsh in my assessment. He was enjoyable enough, but not to my taste .. much like my blog is not to your taste - fair enough. And by the way, I never referred to him personally as a bogan.

That post has actually taught me a lot about the reach of blogs (or perhaps the power of googling one's name to find them mentioned on a blog post). Since then I have had a number of very friendly and indeed, useful exchanges with Mark, the MC. I, myself, have a growing interest in radio, and have been involved with the community radio station 2XX .. feel free to ring ion and abuse me sometime :)

Anyway, I urge you to keep reading more of my blog, and hopefully you will see that I it is not quite the vehicle of hate and evil that you currently believe.

I do genuinely wish Jake all the best with his music. I have no doubt there is an audience for it.

11/16/2007 03:53:00 PM

Blogger macca said...

For those wondering which post Kelly and I are discussing, here's the link:

Something for Canberra

11/16/2007 03:58:00 PM


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