Wednesday, May 09, 2007

"You can't sell what doesn't exist"

If there was ever a "why didn't I think of that!" idea, then surely this one is it. On ebay last week was something you would struggle to buy in a shop, borrow from a library, or indeed, stumble upon at a trash and treasure. In fact, this item is so hard to locate, that ebay itself deemed it not to exist at all, and promptly removed it from their site.

On offer, was something quite special:

The Prime Minister of Australia, Mr John Howard's integrity (pictured right).

Seller’s Item Description:

You are bidding on an original 1950’s mind set. Genuine period flaws make this a truly unique item. While the internal mechanism (not in photo) is damaged it still spins at full speed. The veneer is in splendid condition. You will be disappointed or your money back.

Bidding reached $US51.00 before ebay removed it from the site. Ebay, of course, does not allow the selling of things that do not really exist.

If, like me, you think this is brilliant, vote for it on: ScoopIt

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Anonymous Casey said...

Thanks for the plug Chris! You're the best brother-in-law a girl could wish for

5/17/2007 01:51:00 PM


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