Thursday, May 03, 2007

Two years and still blogg'n

Just realised maccamusings has chalked up it's second year of existence today. To think I began this blog as a procrastinating student, in a new city, and in a new lab. Oh how far I have come as I sit here now, a procrastinating student, in another new city, and yes, in another new lab. I'll admit that posting has been more difficult these last 12 months due to time pressures, and at times, a lack of inspiration/motivation. Like most interests I indulge myself in, the motivation to write comes and goes. I must say, with all that is happening at the moment, motivation is high (and with no idea what I am working on as yet, my work load is low), so expect some more regular posting. I appreciate those who continue to check in on me from time to time, despite how ad hoc, un-polished and irregular my posts can be.



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