Monday, July 31, 2006

Here's Johny (sorry Pete)

There was little doubt I guess, but at least it's now official. John Howard has just announced he will contest the next election. Poor poor Pete - what will he do now I wonder? I'm not convinced his "stay loyal" approach will get him there. The general consensus seems to be that staying quiet and waiting is really just inidcative of a man without "ticker".

While I don't like Howard, I do support his decision to contest the next election. Quite frankly, I want John to stand for re-election so as to remain accountable for some of the seriously flawed and ideologically driven legislation he has overseen (without any mention of such intentions during his last election campaign. Not to mention the consistent use of fear and and uncertainty to build a fortress around him. In fact, the only thing I really remember Howard promising at the last election campaign was that interest rates would remain low ... hmmm. So stick around John - please! I most certainly want you there come next election. I want to make sure it's a Howard government I'm voting against at the polls - anything less just wouldn't do it justice.


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