Tuesday, August 10, 2010

so ...

So its been a while (nearly two years actually) since I last posted. I feel a bit awkward. A couple of things have happened in that time - the sort of things you typically tell people when they happen, not a year later. I now have a son. That happened 19 months ago. It is no coincidence that Max's arrival was not long after my last blog post. Life changed that day. I now have a PhD. That officially only happened 1 day ago, but I submitted it about 11 months ago. Life also changed that day.

So life is different now, with many new priorities, and less room for superficiality. Strangely, Max has unknowingly become something of a life teacher for me. His curiosity, and unbounded enthusiasm for the simplest things like a book, a balloon, or a box that looks like a plane, fascinates me. I don't feel the excitement he feels about these things, but I can remember feeling it - and I want it back. His energy is also something I have had to adjust to. You don't sit down with Max in the room. He doesn't allow it. You can argue with him about the merits of a good couch veg, but it'll fall on deaf ears, or perhaps more accurately, he'll just chuck a wobbly. Ironically though, Max is also up for spontaneous naps, as announced by him via the simple statement "Max bed". I laugh at this because for most of Max's life, sleep has been the single most problematic issue we've had to deal with. Now he just tells us.

Anyway, this is a rambling post in an attempt to restart my blogger within. I'll leave it at this, and hope to post again sooner rather than later.

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