Wednesday, April 18, 2007

When in Rome ...

... you don't have time to post on blogs, nor do you when you are living it up in a Tuscan Villa. In fact, the only reason I have any time (or means) in which to post at this time, is because Aff and my honeymoon has been somewhat rudely interrupted by another not so attractive feature of Italy - Italian beauracracy. This has unfortuantely meant we have had to come up to Genova for a couple of days to sort out our residential pass, which we have almost done. We head back to Tuscany tomorrrow to continue this chaotic honeymoon (last week was also somewhat interrupted by a major robotics conference). Next week is the Cinque Terre, Surely nothing can come between us and the ocean.

Anyway .. much much more to post - and I will, in about two weeks.

Thanks for all the well wishes too!

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Friday, April 06, 2007

Married, and ready to go

Clearly there hasn't been much blogging of late, and unfortunately this post won't make up for it. So many things have happened, and so many emotions felt, it is difficult to know where to start ... so i won't .. just yet. All I will say is that it has indeed been the biggest week of my life, and Aff and I couldn't be happier about how our wedding went. It was the wedding we wanted, and we are pretty damn proud of ourselves for pulling it off .. with a lot of help of course.

Aff and I fly off to Italy tomorrow, and so my next post, most likely, will come from Rome, where our adventure begins. Rest assured the blog will live on, though it may take some weeks for me to return to regular posting.