Monday, March 27, 2006

Crapest bakery in universe is now spookiest

I have previously eluded to my dissatisfaction of the ANU's infamous bakery, which you may recall, I (perhaps unfairly) labeled "the worst bakery in the universe". I say "unfairly" because I have not been to every bakery in the universe and therefore cannot say with complete assurity that there isn't an even worse bakery out there. Even so, the critics are pretty unanimous that this one is pretty crap.However, my experience at lunch time today will certainly keep me going back, if only to further satisfy my curiosity.

Due to running out of bread at home, I decided to buy a bread roll from the bakery, and make a sandwich. I had brought all the other ingredients from home, and so all I needed was the roll. As I approached, I paused aabout 5 metres away from the counter while I looked at the selection - Turkish bread rolls, paninis, cheese rolls and other assortments were on offer. Not wanting to rush my decision, I stood and scanned the selection, politely ignoring both female shop attendants who kept repeatedly shouting "can I help you? can I help you?" at me.

After 5 seconds or so, I decided I would purchase the olive and cheese panini. I walked up to the counter. Just as I started to open my mouth and say "hello", the shop attendant presented me with a white paper bag, with some sort of baked product inside, and then said
"$2.40 please".

I stood somewhat stunned, and a little confused. I looked at her, and said,

"Um, sorry, I haven't actually ordered yet. Perhaps this is for someone else?"

"No, this is an olive and cheese panini," she replied confidently, "That's what you wanted isn't it?"

"Ummm -- yes, it is", I replied, "but how did you know that?"

"I just know these things" she explained.

"Right?" I said, as though that made everything much clearer.

I quickly paid $2.50 with instruction for her to keep the change - but I suspect she already knew that.

I still don't know how she picked it. I assume my eyes gave it away, but even so, I was standing a considerable distance from the counter when I made the decision.

So, it seems the crapest bakery in the universe is now also the spookiest.


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